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Henry David Potwin - Artist 

A Conceptual Realist


Henry David Potwin is quite content to be a painter of pictures. Painting has literally been his lifeline. It incorporates life experiences, connecting philosophy, physics, sociology, emotion, mysticism and eroticism with craftsmanship. Tweaking the colors to tease the eye with a sense of light and expressed energy. His work is best defined as 'conceptual realism' or perhaps, 'conceptual impressionism.'                 


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, the oldest of three children, the artist put his first brush to canvas at eight years of age. In 1965, At 14, met hid first true mentor, Taos artist Eric Gibberd. Gibberd was a fine impressionist artist who showed a strong interest in Potwin. Gibberd remained a vibrant and revered influence until his death in 1972.                                           


Henry David Potwin attended the University of Houston Fine Arts program from 1969 - 1974, studying under and alongside a great group of people in what was then called ' the Annex'.


Inspiration flows from the varied quarters of life, triumphs and failures and from the great artists living and dead. Today continues to refine Potwin's vision and craft in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas where enjoyment exists in this dynamic culture atmosphere. Potwin's genres range  from  landscapesportraits and cityscapes; to those that are personal, idiosyncratic, humorous and socially aware.


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