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Stream of Consciousness

I'm always trying to find a way to push the envelope past my comfort zone. I just paint what comes to mind. As I paint stream of consciousness, I never really know what I am painting until it develops. Well that is what I usually do. Just start spreading paint and see what it turns into.

So it is almost a surprise to me. I think that what I am doing is about as true as I can get, even if it is inconsistent at times, but if you look at style rather than subject matter, i.e. the way the colors interact and the stroke patterns, and the compositional qualities, I think that all of my paintings share those.

I often employ humor, irony, visual puns and wordplay, and social criticism. These are the unifying elements as well as the subject matter. And I think that being confined here in prison also unifies the themes of my paintings.

I wonder what I will paint when I get out!

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