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My Influences as an Artist

It is obvious that I have been influenced by the loose strokes and eye mixing of colors of the impressionists. But I love it all. Art Nouveau, Art deco, German Expressionists, Pop and Op, Cubist, Surrealist, Symbolist - Illuminated Manuscripts to Plein Air."

"I see common threads running through my work but it may be stylistically broad and difficult to pin down and attach a label. Basically, I just aint whatever the hell I want. When I look at the body of work created by Picasso, I see numerous divergent explorations. That freedom of expression is what keeps it exciting. In the end, I expect that the body of work will define itself. I wish to thank Carrie Cameron who owns the Cameron Gallery in Dallas, Texas, and who made possible my first one-man show. I wish that I could have been there."

"I refer all of you who appreciate my work to . You might check out Olga Van Dijks site while you're there. She is one of the several artists there who always seems to have a kind word for me."

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