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Artists Notes on Selected Paintings

Henry David Potwin 25 Crosses

25 Crosses - is a very personal painting for the artist. Each cross represents one year of Potwin's prison sentence. The man-tree is trying to move ahead but rooted in the rubble of his life- the chasm of past and future- the various implications of the cross: torture, moral judgement- the crisis of personal suffering. Yet, the single leaf at the tip of the man-tree represents life, hope- salvation.

Henry David Potwin Assortment

Assortment - is a statement on females' serial love affairs, where men are consumed and discarded like chocolates. The painting depicts a bright pink heart-shaped candy box with the lid tipped back to reveal a box full of portrait-embossed pieces of candy.

Henry David Potwin Plumb Orchard

Plum Orchard - we are treated to a peaceful yet surprisingly energetic painting that prominently features a Van Gogh-radiant sun. The abrupt short swirling strokes were meant to describe the relentless radiation of the sun, the listlessness of the trees, the bare earth beneath them.

Henry David Potwin Incubus

Incubus - The male sexual spirit that visits women in their dreams.

Henry David Potwin Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer - A play on Andy Warhols' soup cans, the complete title is Cereal Killer- Prisoner of Consumer Culture.

Henry David Potwin Requiem (For Cultural Divergence)

Requiem (For Cultural Divergence) - That diversity grows in isolation and becomes lost in the synthesis of contact.

Henry David Potwin Raining Babies

Raining Babies - The beauty of children and the threat of overpopulation.

There Goes the Neighberhood - The Walmart effect and the destruction of Main St. America.

Empty Fruit - Anticipation is greater than Realization

Henry David Potwin Blown Away

Blown Away (By the Winds of Change) - This is my 9/11 painting.

Henry David Potwin Piggy Back

Piggy Back - This one is about people trapped in their self concepts, united by circumstances in competition with others.

Henry David Potwin Midway

Midway - The city as the "Big" Carnival

Henry David Potwin Legacy

Legacy - Leaving future generations to clean up the mess

Adams Apple - Truths within truths. The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, the cessation of life within the moment that began with that bite, when man became a seeker.

Henry David Potwin Depersonalization

Depersonalization - The reverse of people without clothes- clothes without people. A social comment on appearances.

Henry David Potwin Adam and Evein the USA

Adam and Eve in the USA  - The other day, for instance, a painting of Adam and Eve (snake, tree- you know the story) was confiscated. I thought it was rather tame, as I had been emulating an italian holy card from my childhood. But alas, Adam and Eve were unclothed, which my censors do not allow. After 14 years, I am somewhat used to this but still push the envelope.


Update- my painting of Adam and Eve was returned to me by my rather small minded censors, and I was required to cover the naughty bits, which of course changes the entire meaning of the painting. I find it rather more socio-political in its current state, so I presume, alls well that ends well. I did however, give Adam and Eve navels. Somehow they just didn't look right without them.

Henry David Potwin Global Warming

Global Warming - I personally believe that the biggest threat to mankind and our kids fiture is global warming from pollution. I am against burning coal, and for renewable energy. I would like to see cleaner energy and cleaner cars as well as biodegradable plastics. I support the mission of the organization 350.ORG

Henry David Potwin Deicide

Deicide - God, man and machine all saying they are god (see Hebrew text boxes)! God's finger pointing (like in famous Cistine Chapel ceiling) to man who is biting the hand that feeds it. God made man and man made machine. Created denies Creator.

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