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Portrait Details

The quality of a photograph is critical to the likeness, and resulting composition of the finished work, especially in a naturalistic piece. Selfies are not a good source, unless you want the exaggeration of features that are a result. The artist prefers professional photographs, natural lighting or studio professional lighting. 45 degree from frontal light source gives a nice effect. Flash is not desirable as the result creates unnatural lighting. 


For best result, the artist wants to see eye color, ear shape, teeth edges, and personal details. If more than one subject is involved, he will want to see them together in one photo. This is true no matter how the artist interprets the photo.  Photos can be sent by text or e-mail, and several shots are preferred even in the same position.



You will be sent regular texts during painting to keep you in the loop and show you the progress. of your portrait 


Upon receipt of photos and the agreement of size the artist will give a firm quote of the final price. The artist will begin painting upon receipt of 50% down payment. Upon your acceptance of the painting via text or in person, to your satisfaction it will be delivered the best way, with tracking number at no charge. Insurance, certified copy or return receipt, special shipping requirements or overseas will have additional fees.


Time from order to delivery is dependent on complexity, backlog of work and should be between 4 to 12 weeks. Each portrait will be personally hand painted by the artist, using archival quality materials. All artwork is personally signed by the artist, Henry David Potwin.

Click here to see all the portraits completed that have been posted to the website to date.

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