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Fall 2015 Message

Autumn greetings to all of you who are visiting my website. I personally have never had the opportunity to log on to the internet as I have been detained since its' inception. That freaks me out. I am quite fortunate to have the support of my good friend Bill, who has established and maintains I am also honored to have the assistance of my sister,(who happens to be a fine photographer) my family and friends who continue to stand by me through these long years. We must all strive to find opportunity in adversity.

Though I live in an awful place, I am free from the pressures of the market to explore the corners of my creativity. I have managed to accumulate quite a large portfolio of paintings that have never been shown in public.

I can paint what i want, well, except that these bureaucrats will not allow me to paint subjects that anyone of them on a whim might find objectionable. In this permissive society the fanatical prison censors allow no bums, boobs or innuendo. ok, I will bend, but I will not break. Here at the end of the road one must reach out. It is gratifying to hear from so many people around the world who appreciate my art. Those who wish may write to me via snail mail at Henry D Potwin#26525-077, PO Box 15330,F.C.I Ft. Worth, Ft Worth, Texas 76119,USA. I

will be back in the world before Aug 2018. I hope to find a reputable gallery or two to represent and promote my paintings. I don't really know where my work finds a receptive audience as each city and country has its own particular personality I would love to hear feedback from diverse places regarding what aspects of my work are well received. I'm sort of in a bubble here. I am anxious to rejoin the world that i have interpreted for so many years from the inside out.

Peace and Love David

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