2000-2001 Gallery

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Basic Capitalism
Bill Digilio
Blown Away
Cabin at the Stream
Canadian Rockies
Chapel at Cluny
Child with Daisies
Civil Unrest
Clouds over the Plains
Demise of the Taliban
Empty Fruit
Fighting Cock
Flowers with False Teeth
Fortune Teller
From the Sea
Gordian Knot
High Meadow
Highway One
Industrial Lemmings
La Plazita Del Rio Verde
Las Palmas
Lillies and Hummingbird
Mountain Meadow
Mountain Morning
Party at the Lake
Portrait Sr. S
Requiem to Cultural Divergence
See No Evil
Shepherding the Little People
Small Town Terrorists
Stalker in the Woods
Still Life
Swamp Study
The Alley of the Kiss
The Heirophant
The Mashed Potato Eater
The River Cuisances at Arbois
Tiny Lifeboat
War at the Turn of the Century
Wetlands at Sunset

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