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Merry Christmas 2013

David's Christmas Card 2013

Happy christmas and Merry new year to all of my friends. Being away from family and friends during the holiday season adds a certain irony and stress for those of us who are reluctant guests of the gov't.

But i have had plenty of practice, this being my 20th Christmas spent in "club (un) fed". So i can serve a positive example for those who are not adjusting so well. Perhaps you were one of those who sent a letter or e-mail to the pardon atty on my behalf.

I would encourage my friends to send an e-mail to the pardon atty, asking what is the status of the clemency request from Henry D Potwin, #26525-077. THE ADDRESSD IS OFFICE OF PARDON ATTY,Rodgers,1425 New York ave n.w. #110000 ,WASH. D.C.20530 . I don't have the e-mail address. It would be at atty.

If you haven't requested that i be granted clemency, that would be a nice christmas present. Just sayin. I continue to paint and seem to be achieving some moderate success and increasing positive reception of my work.

I have about four and a half more years before i will return to the 'real' world, God willing. AUG 2018. may you all grow in health, wealth and wisdom. Have a great 2014. I remain, yours , D

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